INFINITYâ„¢ IT-8100 Massage Chair

INFINITYâ„¢ IT-8100 Massage Chair
New for 2013, the IT-8100 offers stress and tension relief through full body massage, and foot rollers for an invigorating reflexology massage. The IT-8100 has many of the features and benefits of units costing twice as much! We designed it to include the most desirable massage chair functions, such as FOOT ROLLERS for your soles, four expertly designed auto programs, full arm and calf massage, and 6 adjustable therapeutic massage techniques. The IT-8100 also includes a headphone jack to play back your favorite playlist via an MP3 player. At an amazing price point the IT-8100 now makes the total full body Infinity massage affordable!

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  • $3,395.00