INFINITYâ„¢ IT-7800 Massage Chair - Ivory

INFINITYâ„¢ IT-7800 Massage Chair - Ivory
Sit back, relax and enjoy the power of massage therapy – without ever leaving your home! The IT-7800 Therapeutic Massage Chair brings relaxation to everyday living by providing innovative technology, powerful therapy and soothing comfort.

Unique to the IT-7800 are the double sectioned footrests, each of which is complete with 12 cushioned airbags to deliver targeted tension relief for the calves, ankles, soles and feet. Manually adjust the incline of the chair and elevation of the footrests for a completely personalized massage. No matter the areas of stress, discomfort or fatigue, sink into the rich, enveloping massage chair and enjoy the luxury of a full-body massage without ever leaving home.

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  • $2,495.00